Shires Q Series Euphoniums
Shires Q Series Euphoniums

Shires Q Series Euphoniums

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The Q Series represents S.E. Shires Company's passion and dedication to producing the finest hand crafted musical instruments at every price point. Q Series instruments extend the reach of the S.E. Shires sound and quality to a broader audience at an outstanding value and provide musicians of all backgrounds an instrument to fit their need. With decades of design experience, Shires has worked to build an instrument that offers evenness of response and sound in all registers and playing styles. From the college student starting their journey in the orchestral world to a seasoned pro looking to add a great horn to their collection, the S.E. Shires Q Series line is made for all musicians.

The Q40S euphonium provides an open and free blowing feel with the clarity of sound and excellent projection that has made S.E. Shires instruments the favorites of players the world over.

  • 12" bell
  • Soldered bead
  • Brass leadpipe


The Q41S euphonium provides a balanced feel and ease of playing with the clarity that musicians would search for.

  • 11.5" bell
  • Unsoldered bead
  • Nickel leadpipe