Jody Jazz HR* Clarinet Mouthpiece

Jody Jazz HR* Clarinet Mouthpiece

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What is the JodyJazz HR* Clarinet Mouthpiece?

The JodyJazz HR* Clarinet Mouthpiece is a warm-sounding, free-blowing clarinet mouthpiece that allows the player to play through the registers with ease while maintaining excellent intonation and a great sound. The mouthpieces are made in our Savannah, Georgia factory from German Rod Rubber, on our state of the art CNC machines, and then meticulously hand-finished. Every mouthpiece is measured, inspected, and play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional players on staff.

Free blowing means less resistance when you blow into the mouthpiece, therefore more efficiency of energy, allowing the player more flexibility, comfort, and nuance.

The HR* Clarinet mouthpiece joins the legendary HR* Series of saxophone mouthpieces that have become one of the most beloved Jazz mouthpieces in the world.

For Concert Band, Classical Repertoire, Marching Band, Orchestra,
For a Warm Blending Sound

In the tip openings, 1 – 5, the HR* Clarinet is not a Jazz Mouthpiece because it blends beautifully with a warm sound that has slightly more projection than the average classical clarinet mouthpiece. This slight extra power gives the player confidence and comfort, knowing that they will not have to struggle to keep up with forte passages, yet the mouthpiece plays with effortless control at pianissimo volumes.

For Jazz, Big Band, Banda, Klezmer, Greek, Turkish, Latin, Folk Music,
For Strong Projection and a Brighter Tone

In the tip openings 6 – 10, the HR* Clarinet is a “Jazz,” mouthpiece because we made the large tip openings with a higher baffle than the lower tip openings, to give the mouthpiece more projection and some added brightness. If you play any style of music where you would like to have or must have more volume, you will love the JodyJazz HR* Clarinet Mouthpiece.