Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key (Left hand Eb lever)
Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key (Left hand Eb lever)

Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key (Left hand Eb lever)

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Ingenious device from Rice Clarinet Works.

Add a left-hand E-flat key to any Buffet clarinet!

...with their easy to install bolt-on kit! Allows you to play difficult passages more easily! No cutting or drilling into your clarinet, and the kit is completely removable.

Your kit will include the following:



  • Left-Hand E-flat Key
  • Receiving Arm
  • Hex Wrench - .035" Size
  • Detailed Video Instructions Here

    Will this fit my non-Buffet clarinet?

    While we only guarantee our kits will fit Buffet clarinets without modification, they can be easily adapted to other brands of clarinet by a qualified technician. If you are interested in doing so, please have your technician reference the notes below to see if the key can be installed with no modifications.

    For Technicians:

    You will need to take the following measurements to see if the key and arm can bolt onto a non-Buffet clarinet with no modification. If the clarinet you would like to adapt the key to is out of spec, follow the instructions below:

    Left-hand F#/C# hinge tube outside diameter: .115" - .133"
    Hinge tube too large - Sand the outside of the hinge tube (do not ream the hole in the e-flat key)
    Hinge tube too small - Usually not an issue

    Distance between the LH F#/C# hinge rod centerline and the E-flat pad cup centerline: 2.05" - 2.09"
    Distance too long - Remove the nylon pin. Using a piece of drill rod, ABS, or nylong, make a longer pin that extends farther from the key. If using drill rod, wrap in heat-shrink tubing to silence
    Distance too short - Remove the nylon pin. Key can be ground shorter and pin re-installed.

    Length of the LH F#/C# hinge tube (between the key face and the post): .242" - .270"
    Hinge tube too short? The rectangular boss can be filed down until the key fits
    Hinge tube too long? While this will work, the key will be noisy. Consider fabricating a small washer to be used between the E-flat key and the existing F#/C# key.