Yamaha Adjustable Cup Mute for trumpet, aluminum

Yamaha Adjustable Cup Mute for trumpet, aluminum

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Adjustable Cup

The cup of this mute is friction-fit to the body with a ring of felt. This allows you to slide the cup back and forth, moving it closer or farther away from the bell of your horn to change your sound. The edges of the cup are also stepped to break up the sound wave and improve intonation.

Brushed Aluminum Body

The strong but lightweight aluminum body has a brushed finish that helps hide fingerprints and reduce glare.

Dimpled Base

The base of the mute has a conical dimple in the bottom. This helps break up the sound waves inside the mute to improve sound quality and intonation over standard mutes with a flat bottom.

Made in the USA

This mute is made in the United States of America.