After over a decade of dreaming of opening my own repair shop, that dream became a reality in 2016.  Though I have recently started selling clarinets and accessories, repairs will always be at the center of what I do at North Country Winds.  NCW focuses on artist level clarinet repairs, using the highest quality tools and supplies.

Q: Do you do repairs on other woodwind instruments?

A: Sometimes

Since my focus is on clarinets, I have specialized tools and supplies intended for clarinets.  If I can accommodate repairs on another instrument, I will consider taking the job.  Other instruments that I will occasionally repair are saxophones and oboes.  I rarely take professional flute or bassoon repair jobs, due to their specialized nature.

Q: Do you work on brass instruments?

A: Yes, but only ultrasonic cleanings

I have a 30 gallon ultrasonic cleaning tank, which I use for clarinet overhauls and clean/oil/adjust jobs.  That tank will fit brass instruments as large as a euphonium.  Since clarinets don't get dents or stuck slides and valves, I don't have brass repair tooling.


I receive clarinet repairs from all over the country.  If you are interested in having your instrument repaired, please contact me at