Royal Global Polaris Adjustable Barrels

Royal Global Polaris Adjustable Barrels

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The Polaris adjustable barrel is made from a whole piece of aged grenadilla wood. US Patented technology and a special single thread design with O-Ring allows the clarinetists to adjust pitch with the simple smooth turn of the center ring without air leak. There is no gap created by in the bore as you no longer have to pull out from the tenon. Finger curvature measure every 0.25mm movement for accuracy .  The length is adjustable from 64mm to 68mm  for fine tuning and use on Bb and A clarinets.

All Polaris models have a slightly tapered bore for maximum response, resonance, projection, and depth of sound. 

Designed for all Clarinetist in Solo, Chamber music and Orchestra playing. This new design is completely different than any other brand in the market . 

Silver plating --- Focus and Centered sound

24k Gold plating -- Power and Deep sound

Rose Gold plating --- Dark and Mellow sound 

Black Nickel -- Sergio Bosi Signature