Prep Steps Before You Kroepsch

Prep Steps Before You Kroepsch

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An extremely useful book from Kristen Denny-Chambers:

The expansion of this book includes two additional studies for each key, increasing each page from the original 8 to now 10 studies. The new exercises include a fundamental scale pattern in the major keys, a harmonic minor scale pattern in the minor keys, and a new study in each key based on octaves. Some of the original #1 scale patterns (now #2 in this edition) have also been altered, including expanding the range. I am very thankful for the friends and colleagues who provided feedback from earlier editions which inspired this more comprehensive edition.

As a student, I initially loathed and then craved the challenge of the Kroepsch 416 Studies - Books 1 & 2. At first, I was greatly overwhelmed and underprepared for many of the exercises - especially the lengthy ones. Now, as a teacher, I understand better that many progressing players require a relevant stepping stone before tackling the Kroepsch. Therein lies the rationale for this book.

Well-suited for advancing pre-college students and progressing undergraduate students, Prep Steps Before You Kroepsch is sure to technically challenge, musically satisfy and fully prepare those who aspire to master the Kroepsch 416 Studies.

The studies in this book are written in the order of the circle of fourths with the intention to complement 24 Varied Scales and Exercises for the Clarinet by J. B. Albert and, while ordered differently, can also be used with Foundation Studies from Baermann Book 3, Op. 63 Daily Studies for Clarinet.