3D Printing

A long-term project that I'm very interested in is incorporating 3D printing into the world of band instrument repair technology (BIRT).  There are many companies and people currently pursuing this, producing some amazing results.

The aspect of 3D printing/BIRT that interests me the most is the ability to produce instrument components on demand, thus eliminating (save printing time) the downtime associated with procuring parts.  Less downtime for repair shops and musicians alike will mean more music, and I feel that's always a good thing.

This project is in large part thanks to The Crane School of Music and SUNY Potsdam.  SUNY Potsdam's Student Government Association approved the funding for my printer, and the Dean of The Crane School of Music is extremely supportive in my efforts to further 3D printing in the world of BIRT.

As I design instrument components and other useful things, I will post links to them below.  Utilize them as you see fit.  No copyright/patent infringement intended.  I see this process as no different than producing instrument components on a lathe or milling machine (two very common processes in the BIRT world).  All designs are from scratch (no scanning).

All files will be in .stl format (a common format used in 3D printing).  Any necessary post-printing modifications will be noted, but for the most part, I will do extensive testing and re-testing, in an effort to make parts usable straight out of the printer.

Anyone in the world with a 3D printer should be able to use these files to help themselves and others keep the music going.  Please enjoy!  -Miles


Schilke Trumpet Valve Guide

Yamaha YTR-2335 Trumpet Valve Guide

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