Backun MoBa Mouthpiece *DEMO*

Backun MoBa Mouthpiece *DEMO*

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PLEASE NOTE: These are demo mouthpieces, indistinguishable from brand new.  MoBa mouthpieces are being discontinued.  The Zinner factory is closing.  No more Zinner blanks means no more MoBa mouthpieces.


All MoBa mouthpieces are CNC finished from the finest quality Zinner blanks.

How does Backun create a mouthpiece that is tailored to every player? With no simple answer, they set out to redesign the mouthpiece from tip to table.

MoBa Bb Mouthpieces need no introduction; after all, they’re played on major concert stages around the world. With twelve models in the MoBa line-up, finding your ultimate mouthpiece is closer, or wider, than you think.


An excellent choice for clarinetists playing close-facing mouthpieces, the C offers great control and flexibility. Very compatible with synthetic reeds.

Specs: 0.99mm, ML facing, 440Hz


Features an elegant, ringing quality, balanced by immediate responsiveness. The L is a popular model for players who prefer vintage French mouthpieces. Very compatible with synthetic reeds.

Specs: 1.03mm, ML facing, 440Hz


The T has the playability and flexibility of the Legend, but allows for a larger column of airflow. Excellent for solo or large ensemble work.

Specs: 1.09mm, ML facing, 440Hz


For the clarinetist with a developed air stream and embouchure, the O is ideal for orchestral playing.

Specs: 1.11mm (1.12mm for O+), ML facing, 440Hz


To fill the largest halls, the P has a wider tip opening and requires a very strong embouchure and reed setup.

Specs: 1.15mm (1.17 for P+), ML facing, 440Hz


Designed with the clarinet section from New York's Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the MET provides players with great response, huge projection and a full tone that will fill the largest halls.

Specs: 1.18mm, ML facing, 440Hz


Think MET, but with a longer facing: the ART is perfect for those who have always played a B40 styled mouthpiece.

Specs: 1.19mm, L facing, 440Hz