2019 Clarinet Gift Guide

Have a clarinet enthusiast in your life?  Or maybe you're the clarinetist who needs to drop some gift hints this holiday season.  Either way, use the NCW 2019 Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect gift.


For the beginner

Fobes Debut Clarinet Mouthpiece- $29

An inexpensive upgrade to any stock mouthpiece.

Fobes Debut Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece- $59

Bass clarinet is difficult enough for beginners.  Make it easier by upgrading from the stock mouthpiece.

Behn Overture Clarinet Mouthpiece- $35

High quality beginner mouthpiece from Ooooooooklahoma!

Backun Traditional Barrels- $147

Improve response, tuning, tone, and scale with Backun's Traditional barrel.  Makes a nice upgrade to any plastic clarinet.

Rovner Dark Ligature- $19-25

Quality ligature which can be adjusted with one screw.  Far less likely to get destroyed if accidentally stepped on in the band room (when compared to a standard, all-metal ligature).

Backun Alpha Clarinet- $910

Hands down the best non-wood clarinet ever made. 


For the advancing student

Backun Beta Clarinet- $1745

An Alpha, but made of grenadilla wood.

Backun Protégé Bb Clarinet, Grenadilla, Silver, Eb Lever- $2590

Undercut tone holes and a left hand Eb lever provide professional features on this step-up model.


Durable, spacious case for Bb and A clarinets, with backpack straps.

Used Leblanc Serenade- $699

Nice intermediate wood clarinet at a great price.

Fobes Nova Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece- $119

Popular model of clarinet mouthpiece from the renown San Francisco mouthpiece maker.

Fobes Nova Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece- $129

Transformative tone at an affordable price.


For the advanced student/professional

D'Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece- $104.99

Advanced design, collaboration with Richie Hawley.

Backun MoBa Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces- Demo- $199

High quality mouthpieces made from (now discontinued) Zinner blanks.

Backun Q Series Bb Clarinet, with lever- $4120

A traditional design from the world's most innovative clarinet manufacturer, with left hand Eb lever.

DEMO Backun Model F Clarinet, Grenadilla/Silver- $3700

My personal favorite model of Backun clarinet.  Huge savings on this demo model.

USED Selmer-Paris Présence A Clarinet- $2900

Great value on this immaculate used A clarinet.

Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet, Silver, Greenline- $4092

The world's most popular model of clarinet.  Hand-selected and shop-adjusted.

Buffet Festival Bb Clarinet, Greenline- $4746

A cut above the R-13.


Misc. Under $30

K&M Clarinet Stand- $19

A safer spot to set the clarinet down.  You can never have too many of these.


Bam Clarinet Swab- $20

Microfiber swab for clarinet.  It's always nice to be treated to a new swab. 

BG Clarinet Neckstrap- $17.99

Neckstraps are becoming a common site in the clarinet section.  Many players report improved technique and comfort when using a strap.


For the clarinetist who needs to clean up their act

Mouthpiece Brush- $3

Science experiments are great, but not when they're growing in your mouthpiece.

Yamaha Pad Papers, Powdered- $12

Great remedy for any sticky woodwind pad.

Bam Cleaning Cloth- $14-15

Microfiber cleaning cloth suitable for any key finish.

Selmer Silver Cloth- $6

Shine up those silver-plated keys right before the big concert.


For the Buffet enthusiast

Carbon Fiber Clarinet Pins for Buffet Clarinets (pair)- $19.90

Buffet's left hand lever pins are made of nylon and tend to break at the worst possible time.  Carbon fiber is a much more stable solution.

Bolt-on Alternate Eb Lever- $225

Left hand levers are becoming more common on clarinets.  Easily upgrade an R-13 with this lever.  Does not require professional installation.

Buffet Icon Barrel- $199

Improve an instrument's scale and response with Buffet's latest series of after-market barrels.


For the bass clarinetist

Carbon Fiber Bass Clarinet Peg- $60-$75

Extra strong.  Various lengths available.

Hercules Bass Clarinet Stand- $79

A very strong, very sturdy stand.

Bam Hightech Bass Clarinet Case- $833

Bass clarinet cases seem to fail more often than soprano clarinet cases.  Protect your investment with this high-quality case.


Beautiful Backun upgrades

Backun Lumière Barrel- $249

The latest development from the Backun workshop.

Backun MoBa Barrels- $231

Rich, dark sound with outstanding projection.

Backun Fatboy Barrels- $189

The quality and versatility of this barrel make it Backun's most popular model.

Backun/Hawkins Vocalise Mouthpieces- $145

Amazing sound at an amazing price.  Richard Hawkins has created a transcendent mouthpiece at an obtainable price.


For the high-tech clarinetist

Humiditrak - Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor- $49.99

How did you ever live without a bluetooth enabled humidity/temperature sensor that alerts your phone when conditions inside your clarinet case are less than optimal? 


For the clarinetist who doubles

Hercules Clarinet/Piccolo/Flute Stand- $40

Sturdy, well-designed stand for small woodwinds.

Hercules Sax/Clarinet Stand- $46.99

The classic sax/clarinet stand.

Hercules Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Flute/Clarinet Stand- $69

A must-have for pit musicians.

D'Addario Multi-Instrument Single Reed Storage Case- $27

Humidity controlled storage for up to 8 reeds.  Fits all sizes of clarinet and saxophone reeds.

Meyer 5 Alto Sax Mouthpiece- $132.99

The go-to jazz mouthpiece.