Buffet Festival Bb Clarinet- Greenline

Buffet Festival Bb Clarinet- Greenline

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Designed in 1987 with the advice of three artists that are well-known all over the world – Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon – the Festival clarinet meets the requirements of today’s musicians, soloists and teachers interpreting the widest possible repertoire of works, from Mozart to Boulez.

Unstained African Black Wood, silver plated keys, GT and leather pads, adjustable thumb rest, pointed needle springs, auxiliary Eb lever, 65mm and 66mm barrels, metal tenon caps, case with combination locks

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Why Greenline?

Greenline clarinets are highly resistant to cracks.  In addition, I find the quality, fit, and finish of Greenlines to typically be superior when compared to grenadilla Buffet clarinets.  Try one for yourself!